Angelo Rules

TV-Y7 Télétoon+ 11m 2010


At 11 years old, Angelo is a little young to be a called wise-guy but he's certainly well on his way. From elaborate plans to comic strategies, Angelo sweet-talks and works his way around his various adversaries and problems. He's a genius with a knack for getting out of trouble. He's a stop-at-nothing kind of kid, undaunted by any thing put in his way. The bigger the challenge, the bigger the plan. Angelo without a plan? Unthinkable. Sure, he's got the usual obstacles - siblings, parents, and school rules. Who hasn't? He hasn't got any superpowers to rely on, just his wits. The main weapons in his arsenal are clever planning, irreverent attitude, a rebellious nature, optimism, and, most of all, charisma. Combine those traits with his two best friends, Sherwood, the king of logistics and Lola whose own enthusiasm can even eclipse Angelo's, and you've got a winning trio. With a knowing smile and an arched eyebrow, Angelo can give you the lowdown on how to get exactly what you want. If you know what's good for you, you better listen closely.

Starring: Khaliah Adams

Genres: Animation, Comedy, Family

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