PG-13 1h 54m 2023


Barbie the Doll lives in bliss in the matriarchal society of Barbieland feeling good about her role in the world in the various iterations of Barbies over the years showing girls that play with her that they can be whatever and whoever they want. On the flip side, Ken, who also lives in Barbieland, is unnoticed except in relation to Barbie, which is however one step above any other doll in Barbieland, such as Allan. One day, Stereotypical Barbie begins to have feelings which she's never experienced which leads to her world seemingly falling apart. Weird Barbie determines that there is something happening in the real world with someone playing with her being unhappy leading to Stereotypical Barbie reluctantly heading to the real world to rectify what is happening with that person, she first needing to find this person. Much to Barbie's chagrin, the original Ken, Beach Ken, tags along with her to the real world in he needing to survive in her presence. Beyond their mission to find this person, Barbie and Ken will find the real world unlike anything they know in Barbieland, especially in it being a male dominated society. While Barbie still has to find out what's going on that made her come to the real world, Ken is finding a newfound control which he wants to bring back to Barbieland. If he is able to do so, the role of Barbie in the real world may be forever changed. On top of everything, executives at Mattel, primarily white men, discover that a "real life" Barbie and Ken doll have infiltrated the real world, their mission to capture the pair, but especially Barbie, to put them/her back in their/her place, namely in a manufacturer's sealed box.

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