Invisible Centerfolds

TV-MA 1h 21m 2015


A trio of young women, who happen to be roommates, are vying for selection as Miss February in Playpen magazine. One of them, Kay, is modeling only because she is trying to earn tuition for dental hygienist school. Bemoaning her lack of funds at a bar catches the attention of Professor Jennings, a research chemist who is working on an invisibility formula. His potion has worked on three fish and a bird, so now he is interested in a human subject. He offers Kay $15,000 to be his first trial. She readily agrees. Kay swallows the foul mixture, and, after a few moments, she completely disappears. But it is only temporary. A short while later she becomes visible again. Over the next few days, however, the effect is intermittent which allows her to snoop on her centerfold competition. When she really needs it to take care of a mobster who threatens Professor Jennigs with a gun, she is able to consciously engage her invisible character.

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