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Popcorn Time: Free entertainment at your fingertips

Unlimited entertainment is awesome, but what is even more awesome than unlimited entertainment is an unlimited entertainment that is free and available on the go whenever and wherever you are. While it might seem rare to come across such a service, the answer to your need is popcorn time.
Popcorn time is a multiplatform video viewing service that offers you a wide range of videos, movies and TV shows from a variety of sources all over the internet. Available in over 40 languages, Popcorn time is a free service that offers users the best quality entertainment.
The Popcorn time software is a BitTorrent client that has a media player integrated into it and serves as a viable alternative to having a subscription-based media streaming service. It employs the use of downloading by sequence to provide users with a massive list of media from several websites. You can also add your own site manually to the list of torrent sites available on the app, or make use of its peer-to-peer video sharing option to exchange media with other users of the app.
To use popcorn time, all you need is a compatible device (like the Windows7 OS and above, macOS, Android 4.1 devices and above, iOS devices, Smart TVs and so on), a stable internet connection and a very good VPN or Proxy to shield your IP and unblock files that might otherwise be blocked for your region.

Popcorn Time Inception & Growth

There have been several issues about the software and its legality, and the service has gone through a lot of changes since inception. The initial Popcorn Time service created by a group in Buenos Aires was taken down suddenly despite it's growing popularity on the 14th of March, 2014. This action was prompted by pressures received by the group from the Motion Picture Association of America(MPAA) who believed that the service is a violation of the movie industry's piracy law.
After the dissolving of the initial Popcorn Time service, a lot of individual developers forked the program's database and continually develop the service while also adding new features to it. One of such forks was the service which was endorsed by the original team in August of 2015 as the successor of the original Popcorn Time. In October of the same year, the MPAA with the help of Canadian court injunction stopped the operation of in Canada and later took the domain name.
Unflinching, the popcorn time service was rehosted on a new server at popcorn and continued operations. Currently, the Popcorn time service is operational at
Also, there was another fork of popcorn time called the which moved to after the domain was brought down by a legal injunction. This fork of the popcorn time service released Android apps in 2014 and subsequently added other platforms. also started building their apps with an inbuilt VPN to shield their users.
Features of Popcorn Time

  • Free to use: There are definitely a lot of good entertainment apps out there, but most of these apps are subscriptions based. While they offer you quality entertainment at a fee, popcorn time offers you entertainment at no cost.
  • Awesome free movies and shows: One of the great features of popcorn time is that they have a service that is dedicated to constantly crawling all over the internet in search of free movies, TV shows and torrents for users. It is a great stop for a lot of free web contents.
  • Massive catalogue and database: Movies and TV shows in large quantities. Popcorn time has an extensive list of popular and less popular titles for you viewing pleasures.
  • Quality plus quantity: Not only will you have access to a large number of videos with popcorn time, but you also get to watch your videos HD qualities and with well-synchronized subtitles.
  • No restriction: Wherever you are, whatever time it is, whatever device you are on, popcorn time brings you the best quality entertainment at a go. All you need is a stable internet connection, and you have access to as much entertainment as you can take.
  • Instant playback: With popcorn time, you can stream endlessly as long as your internet connection is up and running. Popcorn time gives you instant entertainment, no need for waiting or downloading. Just jump right in on your favorite movies and shows all day long.
  • User-friendly interface: Whether you're using popcorn time app on your mobile device, Windows OS, macOS, SmartTV and so on, it is very easy to navigate its interface. From launch, you can access any new movie or available TV shows. It also offers a search option to get straight to just what you want at the moment.

Despite all the legal issues surrounding the existence and operations of Popcorn Time, it continues to operate and retain its position as a top destination for free unlimited entertainment and enjoyable viewing service.
You can stream your popular videos as well as that of other users from their website at which offers you the link to download their apps for all devices or stream directly on your browser at
So, there you have it, quality entertainment at your fingertips. All you have to do is grab your popcorn, get your internet connection up and running on your device with VPN set up if needed, and relax to an endless stream of awesome entertainment.

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